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import awesomeness as awsm



Remember the good old days, when CPU was singular?



This is my current Demo Reel (last updated 2010). My current job does not allow me to show off what I do (NDA and the such), so updating this has been difficult to say the least. However, if you have any questions about how each script works (or would like current examples, based on requirements set by yourself), feel free to contact me via email: or by phone: (678) 572-6468. My scripts and resume are also at the bottom of the page. Thank you for your interest and for watching my reel.

Downloadable Version – right click -> save as

Reel Breakdown:
0:00 – 0:02 – Intro
0:03 – 0:22 – AutoRigger Initial Setup
0:23 – 0:39 – Skeleton Creation and Partial Rig Features
0:40 – 1:09 – Auto-Weighting and the Rest of the Rigs Features
1:10 – 1:26 – Tangent Switcher Script
1:27 – 1:37 – Quadruped “Webblecur” Rig
1:38 – 2:09 – QuickPlayblast Script
2:10 – 2:16 – Credits/Contact Info



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