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Here are a few rigs and scripts I’ve put together over the years that I either find very useful, or I just like. If you have an issue with any of them, please shoot me an email describing the issue, as well as what operating system you are using and the version of Maya you’re using. Full licensing information is included within the zip files, but it is also available at the script licensing page on this site.


None right now as I’ve been doing mostly tools programming at work – and coming home and doing the same – so I’ve got nothing right now. But I should have something here soon.

One off scripts (Gists):

So recently I’ve been using gist from github to throw small one off scripts, so here’s the linke to my public gists so you can pull those as well: ArrantSquid’s Gists on GitHub


Here you’ll find a myriad of scripts I’ve either worked on or re-made to make life easier for animators or modelers. Hopefully you’ll find them useful as well. Use the contact form to email me any issues, comments or critiques on the scripts. Enjoi.

iPhone/Android Maya Python Script Sender


I get ideas all the time. Usually I get them when I don’t have a way to test them out. I also use an iPhone (although this also works with Android, iPads, netbooks, whatever as long as you can edit a file and save it to the folder you have the script running in – dropbox, an s3/webdav accout synced to a local folder, etc). There is no good python debugger on it so I can’t get interactive feedback. That sucks. So I wrote this little script that hooks into the Watchdog library so that I can update files on my dropbox account and have the output of the files emailed to me. Not only will it email me the output from standard Python, but it also hooks into Maya and emails you the output from the commands you run in Maya! It also runs cross platform code so that you can run it on Windows, Mac or Linux. Part of the script uses code from Eric Pavey’s and his site is located at

To download the script, either click on the image and it will take you to CreativeCrash and you can download it from there or you can grab it from here:

iPhone/Android Maya file Sender (fileFolderWatcher) - 0.4.0 - Downloaded 141 times

Quick Playblast

Download My Quick Playblast Script from CreativeCrash!

I got tired of constantly having to hide everything during a playblast so I decided to write this quick script. It allows you to toggle the visibility of the Grid, the Nurbs curves and the Resolution Gate. It also has a setting for you to do your playblast from within the window and set the size of it as well. The size is actually set, via a percentage option as the playblast render settings are taken from the current settings for your scene, so let’s say your render settings are 720×486, if you set it to 50% it would render it out at 360×243. Simple! The newest version is built for Maya 2011 and has some new features as well, that are a pain to implement in normal Maya (thank you QT). However, those features are in the 2010 version as well. Currently, it does support Linux as far rendering out the images, but it does not create a playblast with audio, that I’m aware of.

Thanks for all the downloads everyone! This has turned out to be my most popular script!!!

To download the script, either click on the image and it will take you to CreativeCrash and you can download it from there or you can grab it from here:

Quick Playblast - 2.9.2 - Downloaded 3104 times

Tangent Switcher

Download My Tangent Switcher Script from CreativeCrash!

Animators start by blocking in their poses. To make it a “true” blocking in, you need to have your tangents set to stepped. Unfortunately, setting it to be this way by default means you have to go through and select all your keys later and switch them back to spline so you can get your nice arcs (and an animation that’s watchable). This became annoying to me, so I wrote this script to automagically change all of the tangents to either linear in/stepped out or spline in and out. This behavior can be tailored, however. There’s an advanced tab that now allows you to select your in and out tangent as well. Future updates will automatically load in nurbs curves based on naming conventions and/or input connections so that if you’re not using character sets, then it can still load up all of the nurbs or objects into a selectable list box area. Extra help can be found at the Tangent Switcher Help Page

To download the script, either click on the image and it will take you to CreativeCrash and you can download it from there or you can grab it from here:

Tangent Switcher - 2.7.0 - Downloaded 789 times

Preferences Saver/Loader

Download My User Preferences Script from CreativeCrash!
One of the most used scripts I’ve ever developed is my preferences saver and loader scripts. Basically it takes your maya user preferences and saves them to a usb so you can tote them around. Then ounce you get to wherever else you are, you just run the script and it sets it all back up, just like you had at home, school, work or wherever you were when you first created it on your usb. It’s also smart about what it takes, so you’re not left with empty directories, which are useless. :choler:

To download the script, either click on the image and it will take you to CreativeCrash and you can download it from there or you can grab it from here:

userPrefs Saver/Loader Script - 2.1.0 - Downloaded 449 times

If you use a version of maya other than 2008 – 2011, try the any_version folder in the download. If that doesn’t work please don’t hesitate to send me an email or use the contact form and let me know. I’ll whip one up right away!