90% of the information you’ll find on this site is old. It’s not that I don’t want to write about the things that I do. I do. I just don’t have time to dedicate to doing so anymore. I’d rather spend time with friends and family right now and get back to life. As such, you’ll find that there is little to no activity here. I’m ok with that personally. As I find time, I’ll hopefully be doing more public things with the company I work with – hopefully open sourcing some tools and writing about the things that we as a team/company do on a daily basis. If there’s stuff that’s relevant here then I’ll cross post it, but ultimately right now this is just a place for legacy content from a young uninformed man to live. That being said, the information is sometimes still mildly relevant and if nothing else, it’s amusing to look back at and say, “Wow you were dumb.” :)

To note: The name of the site is strange and has a history which is probably as boring as that last paragraph. If you’re curious about hiring me, that’s what LinkedIn is for. :) You’ll find far more information that’s relevant to doing that there, than you will here.


Any scripts you find on here have not been updated in eons (on the internet that’s like a year). If for some reason you would like them fixed or something, feel free to fix them. Or put them on github and ask someone to fix them. Hey you can even ask me to fix them if you want. All that being said, they’re all old and probably broken, but hey, they exist and sometimes that’s all you need.